Ozgem Ornektekin


Ozgem Ornektekin is responsible for providing visionary leadership, strategy and direction for advancing and integrating sustainability and energy conservation principals into the operational functions for many of New York City’s leading institutions. She offers training programs designed to make sure the plans are sustainable in and of themselves – to make sure the plan put into place lasts beyond the individual teams. Lastly, she also offers interstate solar portfolio management.

Prior to founding Ko2, she was Chief Energy Management Officer (Deputy Commissioner) of the City of New York – where she managed an annual budget of $1b and was instrumental in making sure the city got on track to meet their goals of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. These goals included solar initiatives, energy efficiency projects and energy supply.

Ozgem also served for over three years as the first Director of Sustainability at NYC Department of Education to create the sustainability strategy for the agency that focused on energy, waste management, ecology and curriculum integration for 1700 schools in 1200 buildings. She helped design of the city’s first Net-Zero school that opened in Staten Island as well as a new high school focused on energy systems and building controls called Energy and Technology in the Bronx with the help of many outside partnering organizations in addition to the NYC Department of Education. She also worked with nonprofits to help with recycling and energy saving education to implement processes with schools to build sustainability programs.

Before City Hall, she was in charge of strategic planning and management of New York University’s sustainability initiatives. She worked to integrate sustainability and energy conservation principals into the operational functions of NYU.